Zeliade Systems has a well recognized track record in Innovation, through awards and partnerships with key players in the industry.

Pôles de Compétitivité / The CRIS project
CRIS is a consortium that was set up to provide a platform for independent valuation and risk management of credit derivatives financial services. Zeliade Systems, OTC-Conseil, JPLC, Dexia CL, Evry University and Microsoft France are all members of the consortium Credit Risk Services. CRIS has been approved by the pôle de compétitivité 'Finance & Innovation', and funding of the related R&D has been approved by the government.

Microsoft - Idees
Zeliade has been selected among 300 ISVs by Microsoft France, to be part of IDEES, an initiative to support high potential French ISVs, that grants Zeliade technological, marketing and sales support, in France and abroad.

Concours National d’Aide a la Creation d’Enterprises Innovantes
Zeliade has been selected amid 200 other laureates at the CNACEI in 2003.

JEI (Jeune Entreprise Innovate)
Zeliade has been awarded this prestigious status among numerous competitive start-ups from 2004 onwards. This status grants Zeliade a number of tax incentives facilitating innovation.

CIR (Crédit Impôt Recherche)
Zeliade benefits from this tax incentive mechanism directly related to R&D.

Claude Martini, Zeliade founder and CEO, is an INRIA researcher and created Zeliade through the facilities provided by INRIA-Transfert.

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