Zeliade’s range of services includes auditing, consulting, and custom development services, helping companies solve complex financial problems, in the derivatives field or fields related to derivatives like stochastic methods for insurance companies.

Zeliade services rely on the Zeliade Quant Framework (ZQF), the core infrastructure of analytics used at Zeliade and sold to Quant/IT teams.

Zeliade’s main service activity is ‘transparent independent valuation’, with the ability to stress and validate prices and risk indicators computed at client’s will. Zeliade has a first class client base, with references that include first-tier banks’ risk departments and model validation teams, but also large asset managers. A typical project is the independent valuation of a part of the book of a fund in the context of a buy-out.

The large product coverage of ZQF combined with the ability to dynamically add new products provide Zeliade’s consultants with a first-class tool to quickly answer clients’ requests in the field of structured products.

Zeliade’s concrete approach to modelling with a renowned proficiency in the difficult field of calibration is an obvious complementary resource to model validation teams looking to assess and quantify model risk.

Last but not least, Zeliade provides bespoke developments, based on the design of custom components (either user interface, or integration-focused) atop ZQF. Zeliade shows an impressive track record with big names in the hedge-fund industry. A typical situation is one where a new fund is being set up and where Zeliade takes charge of the analytics framework, including all of its IT components: database, distributed computing, user interfaces and reporting components.

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