Zeliade Quant Framework (ZQF) is an open .NET analytics library, with outstanding calibration and pricing algorithms. ZQF is designed to be extended in-house with new products and new models.

Zeliade Quant Framework is aimed at Quant/IT teams

What is ZQF?
ZQF is the nucleus of all Zeliade business. It contains a native .NET quantitative library, provided with source code, altogether with preset components for numerics, handling of market data, distributed computing, spreadsheet design, web apps design
ZQF provides Quant/IT teams with proven core analytics integrated in a well-designed architecture
ZQF contains the source code of all Zeliade Spreadsheets, making it a breeze to design your own
ZQF is designed to be extended by the client and provides facilities and robust processes to develop new products or new model

ZQF is of great interest to newly created Quant/IT teams or already existing teams moving to .NET. ZQF is the ideal choice for Quantitative Risk departments, Model Validation Teams, new Front Quant/IT teams, or desks looking for a .NET-native analytics library with scripting facilities.

Key features are:
100% native .NET analytics library with source code provided
Covers Equity, Credit, Interest Rate, Inflation, Forex
Full source code of Zeliade Spreadsheets
Fully functional examples on each market
Advanced flexible market and reference data handling
Flexible event-based product description
Powerful (optional) distributed computing solution from Digipede Technologies, Microsoft ISV/software 2007 top partner of the year
Client Testimonials :
Head of Quants, Risk Department, Large Bank
“ZQF is the only framework I could find on the market that could help my team get up to speed right away thanks to its library of products and models, be very productive in our work and also provide us with the option of easily moving our work to a production level. This was key in our decision, as was the availability of the source code.”

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